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We are an Industrial Mineral Manufacturing company headquartered in Chennai, India. We source and produce high-quality Industrial Minerals which are used as raw material in the manufacturing process of Welding electrodes. Our top products are Bentonite, Hematite, Quartz, Graphite, Clay, Barytes, etc.,

Here is our extensive list of products for Welding Electrode manufacturing

Here is our extensive list of products for the Welding Electrode Industries


Feldspar is mainly used as a slag forming agent. In arc welding, finely ground Feldspar (60 to 200 microns) constitutes 5-10% of the coating mixture of the electrodes. It forms low melting slag which covers the weld metal protecting it against oxidation. Indian welding electrode manufacturers prefer low-soda feldspar containing 1-3% of Na2O. Hence, they use Potassium based Feldspar. Whereas, in other countries Sodium Feldspar is also used. Sodium Feldspar is less effective as an arc-stabilizer and more effective as a fluxing agent.

We offer both Potassium & Soda Feldspar. Our potassium feldspar has Na2O contents less than 3% and K2O contents between 10-11%.

Mica, Ground Mica

Mica is used in coating the welding rods. Mica is used for its high dielectric strength, and its platystructure. Relatively inexpensive dry-ground uneven and sharp-edged larger-sizedparticles of mica are used in the flux composition for coating rutile electrodes and forwelding of mild steel. Mica is also added asa flux to prevent slag formation and to increase arc stabilization. It helps form a fusible slag and produces a good seal at thefusion zone of the arc. It also provides resistance to the harmfuleffects of oxidation from heat and other gases. The properties contributedby mica to the flux coating influences the quality ofthe welding rod.

We offer two grades of Mica, A grade & B grade. For Welding electrodes, we offer coarse mesh size of 60Mesh.

Titanium Di Oxide (TiO2), Rutile

The chemical composition of rutile is TiO2 and it contains impurities, most commonly Fe2O3. So manufacturing TiO2 from rutile, in essence, consists in removal of this Fe2O3 and other impurities. Rutile is used as a coating material to stabilize the arc by preventing its tendency to sputter and flicker caused by momentary excesses and shortfalls in charge. By virtue of its high dielectric constant and ability to store electrical charge, rutile can momentarily store the excess charge and release the same to make up momentary shortfalls, thus stabilizing the arc.

Rutile for welding electrode application should be of very high purity. Iron oxide is the most objectionable deleterious constituent because it counters the efficiency of rutile as an insulating material. The Indian industries specify a minimum of 96% TiO2 and a maximum of 1.0% Fe2O3.  However, for high-performance applications still purer grade containing 98% min TiO2 and 0.1% max Fe2O3is preferred.

We offer Rutile Sand (90 %, 92% & 94% purity) and TiO2 Rutile with 98% purity.

Quartz Powder / Silica

The role of silica or quartz is to balance the slag composition and fluidity. Silica sand or quartz powder is used as one of the components of welding flux and for this purpose, the silica minerals should contain 97.5% – 99.5% SiO2, 0.05% (max.) Fe2O3, 0.03% (max.) S, having 100 to 200 mesh size.

We offer high-purity Silica in 100 Mesh, 200 Mesh and 300 Mesh.

Bentonite, China Clay & Talc

Other than the difference in chemical composition, Bentonite clay, Kaolin clay, and Talc function as slipping agents to ease extrudability. Availability, proper particle size distribution, and desired weld composition may be the deciding factors for selecting one and not the others.


Dolomite is used in welding electrode composition as an anticaking agent and as a stabilizer. It is a slag forming agent.

Calcite or Calcium Carbonate

Electrodes contain calcium compounds such as calcium carbonate and calcium fluoride in the flux coating. These compounds produce a fast freezing slag covering on the weld metal.

Micaceous Iron Oxide, MIO

Natural Micaceous Iron Oxide Powder is used in manufacturing of Electric Welding Rods.Micaceous Iron Oxide Powder is used as one of the ingredients of flux mixtures. The addition of MIO to the flux formulation results in a significant reduction in the diffusible weld metal hydrogen content.

We also offer the following products

  • Ilmenite
  • Low Carbon Ferro Manganese
  • Calcined Clays or Chamotte
  • Magnesite

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