ASHOK MINERAL ENTERPRISES (The Bagdy Group) was founded in 1956 and is head quartered in Chennai, India.

We manufacture and supply high-quality minerals to diverse industries such as Oil & Petroleum, Paint, Welding Electrode, Friction and Rubber.

Our Longevity, our Good will and our status as a Market Leader are the hard-earned results of our relentless and committed focus on our Core Competencies.

These Core Competencies can be broadly categorized as:

Exclusive Access to Top Quality Resources

By virtue of our decades long professional association with several mines, the group has exclusive access to some of the finest minerals available in the country.

Customization of Products and Prompt Delivery

With several captive processing units at strategic locations, our team can create tailor-made products to suit your exact requirements and also ensure quick and efficient delivery to your units.

Business Intelligence

Drawing from its five decades of intimate local knowledge and expertise the group provides proprietary business intelligence in terms of availability, quality, solutions, and logistics.

From the CEO, Raaj BAGDY

From the CEO’s desk

My father R.H.Bagdy founded the Bagdy Group of Companies in 1956.

The group was initially engaged in the sourcing of iron and manganese ores for Japanese trading houses. Over the years our area of activity expanded to mining and processing of diverse minerals and today we are an INR 500 million company.

Our organization has evolved tremendously over the last 60 years, but certain things have remained permanent, namely the Core Values that guide our every action.

The Bagdy Group’s Core Values are:

  • Integrity
  • Commitment to Quality and
  • Fairness to our Customers

These values will forever be the cornerstones of our Organization.

Raaj Bagdy.


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