Silica is the principle glass-forming oxide making up approximately 60% of soda-lime-silica glass batch. Silica sand/quartz is heat resistant to approx. 1470°C and is used as a foundry sand in the manufacture of molds and cores for casting metals.

Properties & uses

Silica is relatively inexpensive, hard (H7), inert & resilient, with conchoidal facture [abrasive; filtration media; engine sand; construction sand & gravel] with certain grades having a round-shaped grain used as a proppant or fracturing sand to prop open fissures and void in bedrock and so improve permeability [oil well drilling & production]. These attributes plus whiteness, low oil absorption, and grindability to specific particle sizes allow silica sand flour to be used a filler [paint; plastics; rubber; adhesives; putty; caulks; and sealants].

Quality & Specifications

Ceramic grade: (-200 Mesh) > 97.5% SiO2, <0.55% Al2O3 & 0.2% Fe2O3

Foundry sand: (-200 & -200 Mesh) min. 98% SiO2 with limits on CaO and MgO in order to reduce Acid Demand Value (ADV)

Frac or proppant sand: well-rounded sand with only minor amounts of impurities such as clay, feldspar and calcite.

Ground silica and silica flour: <0.10% Fe2O3, <0.38% Al2O3, <0.10% Na2O, <0.10% K2O

Grades we offer

We offer Quartz lumps and Quartz grits for engineering stones industry. For further details on grades available and offers please contact us.


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