Mineral Formula H Color SG
Micaceous Iron Oxide Fe2O3 5.5 – 6 Brownish red  ~ 4.8

Properties & Uses

Being a derivative of iron, it is red in color. The protective properties of Micaceous Iron Oxide(MIO) derive from its flake-like particle structure and chemical inertness. It is mainly used in marine paints and can be easily mixed with other colors. Micaceous iron oxides are very well known and often used pigments in the protective and marine coatings industry for many years.

Micaceous Iron oxide (MIO) or specular hematite, a plate like a pigment, utilizes its lamellar film structure to contribute to corrosion control.

Quality & Specifications

Pigments: For use in paints, natural oxide is categorizes as A, B, C, D by Fe2O3 content i.e. red > 95, 70, 50 & 10%; yellow > 83, 70, 50, 10%; brown > 87, 70, 30%; black > 95 &70%; and gray MIO > 85%.

Grades We offer

We offer various grades of Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) for industries such as Paint, Pigment, Coatings etc., For further details on grades available and our offers please contact us.


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