Barite (Baryte) is virtually the exclusive commercial source of barium.

Mineral Formula % BaO Color SG
Barite (Baryte) BaSO4 65.7 White – Brown Up to 4.5

Properties & Uses

Barite (Baryte) is a clean, relatively soft, virtually inert, and quite inexpensive mineral with high Specific gravity (hence used as weighing agent in drilling mud). Drilling muds account for more than 90% of the worldwide market for Barite.

The properties noted for drilling muds plus its light color and high brightness (up to 90+%), low oil absorption, and wettability by oils allow Barite to be used as a filler and weighing agent. [acoustical compounds; adhesives, athletic goods (bowling balls, golf balls, tennis balls); carpet backing; friction materials; linoleum; mold release agents; paints including primer (automotive and appliance) top coats(automotive), gloss enamels, powder coatings, semi-gloss and gloss latexes, and industrial and architectural coatings; paper; radiation shielding; rope finishes; rubber; urethane foams.

Barite (Barytes) is used as a source of BaO in glass making where it acts as a flux oxidizer, and decolorizer giving greater brilliance and clarity to the finished glass.

The high SG is used in the construction industry to weigh down underwater pipelines. Barite (Baryte) absorbs gamma radiation and can replace lead in nuclear shields.

High – purity Barite (Barytes) is a feedstock for the chemical industry.


Barite (Barytes) for Paint Industry

  • Barite/Barytes Off color/ half White
  • Barite/Barytes Snow White
  • Barite/Barytes Extra Super Snow White

Barite(Barytes) for Friction Industry

  • Barite/Barytes Silica < 1%
  • Barite/Barytes Silica < 3%
  • Barite/Barytes Silica < 5%

Barytes for Oil Drilling Industry

  • Grey Barite/Barytes SPG 4.0
  • Grey Barite/Barytes SPG 4.1
  • Grey Barite/Barytes SPG 4.2


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