Feldspar are aluminosilicates with varying amounts of K, Na and Ca in a solid solution series; the main commercial feldspars lie between the sodium(albite) and potash (Microcline) rich end members, and the sodium end of the sodium-calcium series (Oligoclase).

Properties & uses

In glassmaking feldspar is used a source of Al2O3, Na2O, and/or K2), and SiO2 [borosilicate glass; soda-lime glass; fiberglass; TV tube glass]. The alumina enhances the workability of molten glass, increases the resistance of glass to chemical corrosion, improves the hardness and durability, and inhibits devitrification,

In ceramics, feldspar acts as a flux to form a glassy phase in bodies [vitreous and semi vitreous china; wall & floor tile; sanitary ware; electrical porcelain; frits, glazes & enamels].

Feldspar is also used as a mild abrasive [scouring powders] and welding rod coating;

With properties such as sub-angular particle shape, H 6-6.5, G.E. brightness 0f 82-92%, non-photo reactivity, and low free silica content, fine-ground feldspar is a useful filler.

Quality & specifications:

Soda spar is preferred in glass and potash spar in ceramics.

Glass grade feldspar: 4-6% K2O, 5-7% Na2O, 19% Al2O3 with a max 0.08% Fe2O3.

Pottery grade feldspar: 5-14% K2O, with max 0.07% Fe2O3.

Grades we offer

We offer grades of sodium and potassium bases feldspar for the ceramic industry. For further details on grades available and offers please contact us.


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