Micaceous Iron Oxide

What is Micaceous Iron Oxide?

Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) is a naturally occurring Iron Oxide. It’s another type of Hematite as It differs in form and shape from Hematite. Hematite is crystal (rhombohedral lattice system) in shape whereas the structure of MIO has a lamellar structure (horizontal layering).  This lamellar structure gives strength to MIO and also acts as a barrier. When MIO is ground to fine particles, the particles tend to cleave along their layers and reveal flat shiny faces that act as mirrors that reflect UV light. Hence, micaceous Iron oxide is shiny and its structure resembles that of Mica. MIO is grey, metallic in color and has a sheen to it.

What is the Chemical Formula for MicaceousIron Oxide?

The chemical formula for MIO is Fe2O3.

What are the synonyms for Micaceous Iron Oxide? MicaceousIron Oxide is also known as:

  • Specular hematite
  • Lamellar hematite
  • Specular Oxide
  • MIO
  • Natural specular hematite

What are the physical Properties of Micaceous Iron Oxide?

  • Inert : MIO is inert as the Iron in the metal has already been oxidized
  • Water resistant : owing to its lamellar structure
  • UV absorbent/reflecting : owing to its lamellar structure

What are the major uses of Micaceous Iron Oxide?

  • Protective coatings
  • Paint primers
  • Replacement for Iron powder in Welding electrode industries
  • Replacement for Zinc dust to reduce costs (replaces upto 50% of Zinc dust)

Common Specification of Micaceous Iron Oxide?

PH value : 9 +- 1

Lamellar > 70%

Fe2O3 > 85%

Hardness:  Mohs hardness is 6 (harder than pure iron, but more brittle than iron)

Density: 4.7 – 4.9

LOI <1

Water Solubility < 0.3

Oil Absorption > 15

Melting point > 1000 C

Mesh Size: 63 microns (standard), 100 microns, 200 microns, 400 microns, 44 microns

CAS Number: 1317608 (same as hematite)

Where is Micaceous Iron Oxide found?

It is mainly mined in countries such as Spain, Austria, South Africa, Spain, Morocco and Australia.

Austria is the world leader in MIO.

MIO availability India:

In India it is found in Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

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